Design and Nature Based Solutions

By: Staci Brinson, Esq.
AXA XL Design Professional
Loss Prevention and Education

Nature-based solutions integrate engineering and natural principles with the goal of increasing resilience to environmental challenges. Use of these natural processes, like a wetland project designed to store floodwater or a city park built with ponds that receive treated wastewater, have substantiated economic, social and environmental benefits. Design professionals like civil engineers and architects work within their communities to incorporate nature-based elements into projects, combining both the natural and the manmade. The alignment of using science and engineering together can produce efficiencies for a variety of projects.

 “Engineering with Nature (EWN)” is an initiative developed by a team of scientists and engineers in collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers to focus on strategies to mitigate risks from natural hazards and produce sustainable projects. Since 2020, EWN has been specifically funded by Congress. EWN is built on the idea of science-based collaboration with partner organizations, stakeholders and the public.  EWN aims for innovative solutions that will produce “triple win outcomes” with the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations.

In continuing with the focus on nature-based design solutions, Dr. Todd Bridges, the national lead of EWN, has presented a webinar “Engineering with Nature for a More Resilient and Sustainable Future, that is viewable by AXA XL insureds through our learning management system. In addition, see the following link for an interview with Dr. Bridges to learn more about EWN, Engineering with Nature (
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